• Why does choosing sustainably caught seafood matter?

    The state of the world's oceans have been dramatically altered due to decades of coastal development, pollution and overfishing. The good news is many nations around the world are working tirelessly to restore fish populations and the marine environment. Choosing seafood that is managed and caught in a way that balances our consumption of seafood and the health of the ocean ecosystems is part of a long-term solution.

  • How does SCFC define “sustainable seafood”?

    SCFC defines “sustainable seafood” as seafood from sources, whether fished or farmed, that can maintain or increase production without jeopardizing the structure and function of the affected ecosystems.

  • How important is it to understand how and where a fish was caught?

    Traceability is one of the most essential factors when it comes to sustainable seafood. Knowing where your a fish was sourced from, and how it was caught will help you make an informed decision regarding the products you buy.

  • How does SCFC decide what seafood to harvest?

    Santa Cruz Fish Company is committed to a responsible sourcing policy that guides all seafood purchasing decisions. SCFC only sources fish that is defined as sustainable by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program or equivalent programs like Blue Ocean Institute and SeaChoice Canada.

  • What can I do?

    Supporting seafood retailers and restaurants with good sustainability practices goes a long way towards conserving our ocean's resources. Be vocal about your support and let your favorite businesses know that sustainability is important to you and your family.